Freedom in the Galaxy

Turn 7, Round 1

Orders: Go to the liquid environment on Mideast and start a coup. Investigate rumors of a rogue Imperial Knight living on the planet.

  • Actions:* The group went to Mideast and discovered three things:
    1. This planet is ALL Imperial All The Time. Starting a coup would probably not do much.
    2. The planet’s off-world ties are controlled by Hydro-Clan Chieftain named Morna who is a strong advocate for the Empire and remarkably corrupt at the same time.
    3. The primary planetary export is very rare spices. The spaceport was filled with semi-legal ships and people and there was some talk of the famed Kessel spice-run

After considerable thought, the group decided to alter their orders and attempt to negotiate with/blackmail Morna while investigating the rumors of the rogue Imperial Knight. The first option seemed to be going well (To’mah strikes again, the man could talk the needles off of a cactus) until Morna realized that the group were rebels.

To’mah was the first person to realize the error of the group’s ways when he single-handedly encountered the rogue Imperial Knight, in black battle armor with a light saber in Morna’s office. He didn’t survive the experience.

Siobhan was the second to realize this when her force senses were assaulted by the most unimaginably foul feelings and she was nearly captured by Vrialta, the rogue Imperial Knight.

After a very quick discussion, Quetze Tluck decided that he was helpless in this fight and immediately using the freighter that the group had arrived in (excessive homework was another problem). Since Mideast doesn’t have even a token planetary militia he got away.

The rest of the mission was an extremely tough chase scene where Siobhan and the Rano Melle improvised magnificently while trying to escape the increasingly powerful but increasingly insane Vrialta. They eventually got away with considerable collateral damage to the relatively innocent smugglers and pirates in the area.

Highlights of the battle were the improvised alliance between Rano and Captain “No-Pants,” a very smart smuggler with a fast ship, and the titanic force struggle between Siobhan and Vrialta. It was eventually revealed that Vrialta has been infected with some sort of alien technology and that he was Redjac’s master at some point in the past.

A great many experience points were handed out but I did not keep track.

The campaign is going on hiatus until fall when Luc returns.

Turn 6, Round 2

Orders from Rebel High Command:
Now that you’ve stabilized the situation on Tiglyf we believe you have a window of time to strike another blow against the Empire. Leave the Droid on Tiglyf while the rest of the group uses whatever means necessary to get to Wild zone of Mitrith as quickly as possible.

Perform a diplomacy mission with disgruntled Imperial bureaucrats to reduce censorship on the planet. With luck there will be VERY good news coming to Mitrith soon.

As usual, please be on the look-out for items that may assist the cause.

Turn 5 Round 2
The Trambush

Mission: Split the group. One part will continue to defend Tiglyf while the other investigates an Imperial Research base on Orlog near the Imperial Knight school. Needless to say, the latter mission is extremely dangerous and escape after the Imperial Knight trainees are alerted may be impossible.

  • The party spends some time discussing their options afterwards, To’Mah finds a suitable disguise from one of the dead Imperial officers and Rano pieces together a suitable power armor.
  • Rano, To’mah and Siobhan dock at Orlog, but To’mah’s false ID turns up as “deceased,” so the tower requests a medical examination.
  • To’mah plays the odds and goes in for the exam. After being scanned, To’mah is able to pay off the examiner and talks him into submitting an accommodation for battlefield heroism for the deceased officer.
  • The group coalesces and devise a plan of entry to the research base.
  • To’mah utilisez his regular contacts and requisitions a smuggling container for Siobhan in which to hide while Rano plans on riding on the outside of the tram.
  • Upon arriving at the station, Rano jumps to the side of the tram while Siobhan is placed amongst the luggage. To’mah soon realizes that he has no ticket for the ride to the base, so he attempts to take one from an officer below “his” rank.
  • Unfortunately, the officer was an SS captain who was not all too pleased by the forward assumption. A gunfight shortly ensues in the bathrooms and To’mah comes out looking worse for wear, however with ticket in hand.
  • The tram ride goes by quietly but To’mah is able to garner a little information about the base.
    – Redjac’s personal apprentice is at the base guarding the scientist responsible for the planet destabilizer.
  • After having arrived at the base, the trio quickly throw together a plan of action and executes a trambush, sending explosives down the railway toward sector 3 where the apprentice and scientist are housed. Meanwhile Siobhan hacks into the base’s system and initiates a self-destruct protocol.
  • The party makes pursuit after the escaping Apprentice, scientist in tow, but are slowed by a group of soldiers in their path.
  • Siobhan manages to use a force power to render herself invisible to the soldiers and walks straight through them while Rano and To’mah make their way around the long way via cover.
  • Siobhan arrives at the shuttle pad where the Apprentice is waiting for her and the two exchange blaster fire, ricochets and force lightning. To’mah and Rano are but moments away from arriving at the landing pad.
  • From behind, the scientist smears a strange black sludge across the Apprentice’s face which immediately melts away into gelatinous goo.
    – The scientist is Dr.Santeg and the black sludge was an experimental bio-weapon that the imperials are developing.
  • The excursion party arrives back on Tiglyf with the very unstable and guilt-ridden Santeg and promptly send him to Onesta Woada for therapy.
Turn 4, Round 2
Into the pot

A Rebel group has come under tremendous pressure on Fliad, do what you can to distract the Imperials so they can get away. Suggestions are:

  • Establish a Rebel Camp in the Air Environ of Magro Warning: this is a dangerous mission
  • Perform a Diplomacy mission on Tiglyf Warning: this is a very dangerous mission
  • Establish a Rebel Camp in the Subterranean Environ of Kalgar This isn’t a good choice if you want to live a long time either. We are desperate and rely on your creativity!
  • The group decides to go to Tiglyf, and prays for the best…
  • The Segundans on the planet have somehow been able to hold off the information wars.
  • As of right now the group is not listed in the wanted database
  • To’mah gets tower clearance and we land on the planet as opposed to the base in order to have an escape route closer at hand.
  • We have a list of contacts, mostly low level imperial flunkies, but To’mah prefers to find own contacts. He moves to a bar, hoping to meet a friendly contact
    • Instead To’mah meets with a Deaxin who is aware of To’mah’s history and his relationship with Ran Jayma. It’s a very tense scene, as Ran Jayma had previously cut off one of the Deaxin’s limbs, forcing him to regrow it.
    • But it turns out that Deaxin is tired of imperials butting into his business and is willing to let bygones be bygones in To’mah helps him recover a cargo of electronics the Empire has confiscated. However, he doesn’t know where the Empire is keeping them.
    • During the meeting, one of the Deaxin’s bodyguards, a Bork disrespects To’mah and Siobhan decides to teach him some manners. She kicks the Bork in the nutz (twice), and then with the addition of To’mah’s knife and encouragement by another of the Deaxin’s bodyguard, the lesson becomes fatal and Siobhan cuts the now conveniently kneeling Bork across the neck. The Deaxin seems to believe the punishment is fitting to the Bork’s crime and our heroes leave in peace after agreeing to find the Deaxin’s lost goods.
  • Meanwhile, Zeeks wants to research how the Segundans are managing to hold off the info wars.
    • He quickly discovers that one one seem to know, so Zeeks gets in touch with a university research team that is studying the matter.
    • Zeeks begin to assist the research team, which is thrilled to have a dedicated research robot to assist them.
    • The team is so excited about Zeeks that they offer to buy him and Rano has to step in and socially defend Zeeks.
    • Zeeks quickly manages to prove that all of the team’s research paths were wrong and eventually comes to the conclusion that it’s something inherent to the planet. Further he deduces that NewsCorp, the planet central news agency, might be related to this.
    • One of the research assistants, who seems to have a very unhealthy interest in dissecting Zeeks is discovered to be an Imperial informant. Rano follows him, but is forced to jump in and chokes the fellow before he can report to his handlers. By impersonating him over the radio, Rano manages to determine that his superiors don’t trust him and manages to get the poor fellow fired from his job… what a jerk!
    • Rano and Zeeks begin to interrogate this Imperial intelligence agent, and he spills his guts. Unfortunately, he’s just an idiot and knows nothing useful. Rano threatens his life if he doesn’t change his ways.
  • The group gets back together and the Deaxin informs us to watch the news @ 10. The Planetary Defense system was taken down. The Deaxin did it in order to appeal to To’mah for his assistance in finding his wares.
  • The following day Siobhan and Zeeks try to sneak her lightsaber off the ship. The scanners catch Zeeks and Siobhan attempts to use her force powers to persuade them to look the other way. It works and they smuggle the lightsaber out.
  • To’mah gets a phone call from (Insert Name) telling Toma the Deaxin is a nuisance. (Insert Name) has the Deaxin’s items, the Empire helped him steal them from the Deaxin.
  • To’mah disguises himself as an Imperial officer and attempts to find out where the imperials Moved the Deaxin’s stuff, but no one seems to be willing to talk with an Imperial.
  • Meanwhile, as the rest of the group is investigating strange, very dense metal deposits on the planet, Siobhan manages insult several talking, glowing balls of light that only she can see. They attack the group, focusing mainly on Siobhan and Rano until Siobhan manages to get in touch with the planet entity, for which the light balls serve as antibodies. The planet informs her that it is waiting for someone to come that will take up the interests of the beings on the surface of the planet (meaning the Segundans). It asks her if the Rebellion is good and Siobhan answers somewhat ambiguously. The planet asks that she send someone eloquent and able to represent the rebellion to NewsCorp.
  • Siobhan tells To’mah to go to NewsCorp but doesn’t reveal to him all she was told (specifically the fact that if he doesn’t convince the planet that it will erase his memories).
  • Planet (as the entity refers to itself) informs To’mah of a weapon the Imperials are making called a Planetary Stabilizer that is capable of destroying a planet by halting its rotation. Planet does not want to be on the receiving end of such a weapon and is willing to join the rebellion if the rebellion is willing to lend leadership to the troops the planet can provide.
  • Despite some dissension within the group as to whether it would be possible to prepare better for such a move, they decide this is the time and place to initiate a massive planetary offensive against the Empire, causing it to devote many resources to retaking the planet and easing the situation for Rebel leaders pinned down on nearby worlds.
  • As the rebellion begins and Imperial forces begin to gather, the fate of our intrepid heroes hangs in the balance…

Turn 4, Round 1


Go to Niconi and find Vudot Vodot. Give him the keys to your spacecraft and assist him in a diplomatic mission on Niconi. Find your own way off the planet.


Group went to Niconi only to discover that Vudot Vodot was on the run from an Imperial Commando team and that Rano Melle was on the ten most wanted list with a bounty on his head. Furthermore, the group discovered that the Imperial authorities had pictures from the fight at the University of Lonica (previous adventure). This was a particular problem because the Commando team was sweeping up well-known bounties while looking for Vudot Vodot.

They decided to have Odene Hobar hide out on the ship because of the well-known Kayn- Leonid animosity while Rano wore an appropriate disguise. The suggestion of having the Battle Toad wear a fake mustache was amusing but not adopted.

With a little effort the group found Vudot Vodot hiding out with one of the Kayn clans that the group had befriended last time. The group and Vudot Vodot got along quite well, particularly To’mah Di’Semo and a plan for a diplomatic initiative was hatched in no time. But everybody was very concerned about the possibility of the Imperial Commando team spoiling the planned event so they decided to eliminate the Commandos first.

The Commandos were suspicious when they received a message from one of their contacts that Rano Melle had taken up residence in the old Militia base (wrecked in a previous group adventure) but decided to cautiously investigate anyway. They sneaked onto the base using camouflage suits and found the spot where he was supposed to be hiding but discovered a pile of explosives and a remote control detonator instead. Correctly supposing that this was a trap and Melle was hiding somewhere nearby, they spread out and searched for him.

Instead they found Tommy Two Guns and a hovercar stolen on Lonica from a rental agency and captured him. They used this leverage to threaten Rano into surrendering. That proved to be a mistake as Quetze Tluck hit Tommy with a Stun Rifle mounted on his Speeder Bike (dropping him to the ground) and the rest of the group opened fire from long range with Blaster Rifles. Four Commandos were taken out in short order but one managed to fire an anti-tank missile into the building where three characters were hiding. Only Rano was near enough to take damage but, since he was able to wear his full armor for a change, he was okay.

The last Commando was the pilot of an armored vehicle who left the fight when he saw his leader drop while grabbing another missile. But Quetze pursued him, slowly closing the range and blasting away with his Stun Rifle. Quetze finally managed to hit something serious just as the remote control gun on the armored vehicle hit his bike. Quetze jumped off the now-flaming bike and glided to the top of the armored vehicle. The pilot of the armored vehicle was pretty good and might have saved the vehicle if Quetze hadn’t opened the top hatch of the vehicle and sprayed blaster pistol fire in the cockpit. The vehicle crashed and Quetze flew away. It was definitely a good day to have you own wings!

With the Commandos gone, Vudot Vodot scheduled a debate with a highly officious Imperial official about the finer points of Imperial Tax policy and how affected Kayn retirement pensions. The official did his best but was bested by Vudot Vodot’s well-known oratory skills and the crowd got so worked up they were climbing up on the stage to rip the official limb from limb when he was whisked away by a speeding spaceship bearing Imperial symbols. The official, by the way, was a well-disguised Tommy Two Gun who did a very good job of impersonating an Imperial official. Quetze scraped the Imperial symbols off of his ship as soon as he landed. Vudot Vodot turned the situation into a very well-received oratory on why supporting the Empire was a bad idea. He was so effective that the planet swung to Neutral and the Domino Effect was initiated.

It will come as no surprise to anybody that the group managed to find yet another slightly-used spaceship (and an older fighter ship that could fit in the cargo bay) for a very reasonable price. Tommy Two Gun offered to steal another Speeder Bike for Quetze who was very sad about losing his, but Quetze decided to be original and bought one legally instead. Tommy was shocked by this turn of events.

The finale of the adventure was that the group had been very interested in the events noted in [[Universe Today #4 | Universe Today #4]] and so decided to assist the Rebels by visiting Liatris to draw off some of the heat from the main Rebel group. This gutsy maneuver was made safer by employing a Scrambler, which self-destructed but allowed the group to get away.

The entire group received a promotion (+1 to rank, even Siobhan and Zeeks) and 6 XP.

Turn 3, Round 2

Orders: Go to Lonica and start a Coup in the Urban environ. Also pick up Professor Mareg. We would greatly appreciate any leaders or items you might pick up.

Turn 3, Round 1

Orders: Split the group.
Siobhan to go to Horon with no more than one companion. Go to the Imperial Cathedral and wait outside the front door at 1:00 PM until somebody speaks nicely to you. Follow that person’s instructions exactly.

Zeeks and remainder of group:
Go to Tartio and assist the local leader of the Rebellion in the Subterranean sector in any way he deems necessary. Finding more of those cool artifacts, more Rebel Leaders, or more spaceships would be very much appreciated.

Turn 2, Round 2

Orders, Accomplish 1 of the Following:

  1.  Establish a Rebel Camp on Liatris 
  2. Start a coup on Niconi
  3. Subvert the Rhone Militia on Trov
  4. Acquire a possession that will help the rebel cause
  • The party decided to stay on Trov and subvert the militia
  • As normal the party goes to a look space port bar to speak with locals and pick fights.
  • As we enter the bar an Imperial shuttle lands nearby and an Imperial Knight steps out with armed escort (his name is Ibus)
    • Siobhan immediately confronts him since they were old classmates. Both Ibus and Siobhan carry resentment toward each other to say the least.
    • As usual with our party simple talking turns to violence and Siobhan with Quetze backing her up from the Asa'Kimbos' turret on the next landing pad over, begin to fight the Imperial Knight and his escort.
    • Siobhan is defeated and Quetze's gun gets destroyed by a reflected blaster shot.
    • The Imperial Knight begins to capture Siobhan and capture her and Zeeks runs up and attempts to "passively" pull Siobhan away from Ibus.
    • Ibus becomes annoyed with the foolish android and dispatches him in one quick flick of his wrist (zeeks is unconscious)
    • Quetze sees this and rams the knights ship with the Asa Kimbo disabling its engines.
    • Ibus then intimidates Quetze into giving him the Asa Kimbo, which Quetze does but not after getting his newly stolen bike off the ship
    • Quetze picks up the discarded and unconscious Siobhan and they make a retreat leaving Zeeks behind
  • Zeeks gets captured and reassembled waking up in an Imperial Interrogation Room beneath the City palace. Ibus is there and begins to question Zeeks. Zeeks informs the party of his situation and they begin to make a rescue plan.
    • The plan is multi-tiered, quite impressive considering this group usually hangs it in bars most of the time picking fights.
      • Use False information to create a stirring among the general populous
      • Use a fuel tanker truck explosion to cause more chaos
      • Use the scrambler to disable any and all electrical devices, primarily communications
      • Steal a state-of-the-art Imperial Courier ship (I forgot the name and type)
    • Surprisingly each step of the plan goes well until the group gets inside the palace where they meet Ibus. A fight to the death takes place and Siobhan and Rino come out with victory.
    • Meanwhile in the interrogation room Zeeks attempts to use his built in Fatigue cannon to knock out his interrogator , which he almost does. However the guard is able to shot zeeks killing him a 2nd time.
    • The party finds zeeks in terrible shape, partially dismantled and barely able to walk. They promptly jump back into their stolen imperial craft and leave Trov as fast as possible.
  • During this, the pat

Turn 2, Round 1

Orders: Accomplish 1 of the Following:

  1. Go to Liatris and start a Rebel Camp
  2. Go to Trov (the provincial capital) and start a Rebel Camp. This is a HIGHLY dangerous mission, do NOT get detected if you choose this mission. Extra identities will be provided if you choose this mission.
  • The group decides to go to Trov
  • Upon entry to Trov Quetze fails miserably at disquising the ship. Luckily we are able to still get permission to land
  • After land the party begins to mingle around a local bar and proceeds to speak with the loacls and provoke fights as well.
  • Quetze gets challenged to a race, the odds are against Quetze.
    • Quetze's opponent is a dirty racer and tries to pull a fast one by shooting him mind race with a stun rifle mounted on his hovercycle.
    • Luckily Siobhan is there to drive them to safety while Quetze is passed out in the drivers seat.
    • The race ends up being a draw
    • However Quetze hunts down his opponent later and steals his Bike…revenge is sweet indeed.
  • Rano speaks with a Pronoxian Mercenary at the local bar and finds out from him that the local malitia is very corrupt
  • Tomah continues his discussions within his mafia circles to find out who's who around here.
    • Tomah learns of a Mafia bar nearby where he might be able to get more information.
    • To manipulate for of the gambling patrons Tomah and zeeks proceed to count cards and win large amounts of credits
    • While at the bar Tomah learns of a 3,000 ton Freighter crew that needs a bail out, the party helps and in turn we own the freighter. They crew still works from it though and continues to perform jobs.
  •  The group decides to attempt to manipulate the IRS computers to dis-credit and "big players" here on Trov in an attempt to create an uprising
    • While manipulating the database Zeeks accidentally finds some odd information concerning the Imperial Interrogation Service on Anell. No conclusion can be derived from it.

Turn 1, Round 2

Orders: Accomplish one of the following…
* Find a useful item
* Start a Rebel Camp
Be prepared to move when ordered.

  • As the party returns to startown they see the local Militia is starting to "Crack down" on the city. There are wanted posters everywhere (Rano specifically is only worth 2500 credits, a 75% decline in only 1 session (you’re losing your touch, Rano). Adam Starlight is among the many wanted posters but has likely left the planet.
  • The party wants to purchase both the Asa Kimbo (Starship) and the Cervac Mk. 5.
    • We know we need the ship to get of this planet and travel to Niconi. However, the Cervak Mk5 would be a great asset to the rebellion.
  • As the party looks back on the explosion incident at the Cantina, Zeeks recalls seeing a young Rhone that had exchanged some not-so-kind words with the Imperial Militia prior to the explosion. This Rhone was likely Adam Starlight.
  • To’mah goes to speak with local Mafia (the group joins him)
    • Upon arrival at the bar To’mah goes in back room to speak with Mob Boss.
    • In the bar a man with a 10,000 credit reward attempts to apprehend Rano, Siobhan promptly joins in and Rano chokes Mr.10K with his garrote skill.
    • Meanwhile, in the back room the local Mob Boss attempts to purchase Zeeks from To’mah, the deal ends up falling through.
    • In the end the party purchases the Cervak Mk5 for 125,000 credits. We depart from the bar and deliver  it to the Asa Kimbo.
  • The party arrives at Hal's Ship Emporium with Tommy (aka Mr.10K in tow)
    • The party attempts to claim the bounty from the guards currently stationed at Hal's shop. Sadly, Tommy had been brought in that morning and deputized, thus no bounty could be paid out.
    • The party needs cash to buy the Asa Kimbo from Hal, thus we strike a deal with him. Hal asks that we rob a bank for him (electronically)
      • With Siobhan and Zeeks working in tandem, this becomes a simple task (due to some good rolls). The cash is withdrawn from the bank and transferred to Siobhan’s account. The party then buys the Asa Kimbo from Hal
  • With the planet heating up, the party promptly leaves with the Servak Mk5, picks up Ben in the foothills outside town and heads to Niconi.
  • Upon arriving at Niconi we attempt to move to a rendezvous location and Rano is jumped by a female Rhone. Rano fails to say the password and promptly gets a stun gun salvo to the head. Turns out that this is Senator Zina Adora whom we needed to meet with.
    • Once the party is identified as allies we move to the local Hotel were we find Raynor Derban fighting with Kogus (Zira's Kayn bodyguard)
    • They give the party the scoop on what is happening here on Niconi
    • In response…
      •  Quetze shops the local version of Ebay,
      • To’mah goes to meet local mafia contact
        • To’mah finds that his contact is selling a Scramber (an artifact from the Galactic Concordance used for electronic warfare). We promptly purchase it for $150,000 
      •  Rano & Zeeks scouts out General Rufftooth (the leader of Imperial Militia here)
  • Zeeks and Siobhan work to remove our wanted posters from the planet’s network. They fail, but the network gets very messed up in turn and thus the information is compromised anyway.
  • Rano and To’mah band together in an attempt to unite the local Kayn leaders to join the rebellion and rise up against the empire. After some singing, telling of tales and excessive drinking To’mah and Rano believe they were successful.



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