Freedom in the Galaxy

Turn 7, Round 1

Orders: Go to the liquid environment on Mideast and start a coup. Investigate rumors of a rogue Imperial Knight living on the planet.

  • Actions:* The group went to Mideast and discovered three things:
    1. This planet is ALL Imperial All The Time. Starting a coup would probably not do much.
    2. The planet’s off-world ties are controlled by Hydro-Clan Chieftain named Morna who is a strong advocate for the Empire and remarkably corrupt at the same time.
    3. The primary planetary export is very rare spices. The spaceport was filled with semi-legal ships and people and there was some talk of the famed Kessel spice-run

After considerable thought, the group decided to alter their orders and attempt to negotiate with/blackmail Morna while investigating the rumors of the rogue Imperial Knight. The first option seemed to be going well (To’mah strikes again, the man could talk the needles off of a cactus) until Morna realized that the group were rebels.

To’mah was the first person to realize the error of the group’s ways when he single-handedly encountered the rogue Imperial Knight, in black battle armor with a light saber in Morna’s office. He didn’t survive the experience.

Siobhan was the second to realize this when her force senses were assaulted by the most unimaginably foul feelings and she was nearly captured by Vrialta, the rogue Imperial Knight.

After a very quick discussion, Quetze Tluck decided that he was helpless in this fight and immediately using the freighter that the group had arrived in (excessive homework was another problem). Since Mideast doesn’t have even a token planetary militia he got away.

The rest of the mission was an extremely tough chase scene where Siobhan and the Rano Melle improvised magnificently while trying to escape the increasingly powerful but increasingly insane Vrialta. They eventually got away with considerable collateral damage to the relatively innocent smugglers and pirates in the area.

Highlights of the battle were the improvised alliance between Rano and Captain “No-Pants,” a very smart smuggler with a fast ship, and the titanic force struggle between Siobhan and Vrialta. It was eventually revealed that Vrialta has been infected with some sort of alien technology and that he was Redjac’s master at some point in the past.

A great many experience points were handed out but I did not keep track.

The campaign is going on hiatus until fall when Luc returns.



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