Quetze Tluck

Hot-shot Pilot


Race: Anon
Home World: Jura
Lieutenant for: Tourag


Quetze Tluck is a pilot who works under Tourag, the merchant leader who defected to the Rebels. Though he was considered a “back-burner” pilot, one used only for emergencies, because of his overconfidence he has proved himself in this new conflict of the rebels with his skills at piloting and, surprisingly, at using big guns.

Quetze Tluck comes from the Tloctl clan, the second most-powerful clan on the planet of Jura. The Tloctl clan is indirectly supporting the rebels, for they have seen what happens when you advocate for the other side. Because of this, or maybe just for different reasons, he has found himself an enemy in the Marakete clan, the third most powerful clan on Jura. A clan that typically is crest-high in the black market and other illegal dealings, they often help out with the Empire’s more unsavory dealings. Getting rid of this pilot will help quash the rebels, they reason, meaning more favor from the Empire.

Quetze Tluck became a pilot to prove that he is better at flying than the Yesters. To aid him with his piloting, he has a piloting add-on kit that negates the minus suffered from ill-fitting spacecraft. he also has some mechanical skills, reasoning that you can’t fly if something’s wrong. Oddly enough, he has a minor hobby of geographical studies, specializing in easily habitable planets.

Quetze Tluck

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