Rano Melle

Spec Ops Battletoad in the employ of Agan Rafa's Pronoxian Mercenaries


Race: Calma
Home World: Suti, Pronox

XP: 279


Never content with life on Suti, Rano left the planet as soon as he was able, and after proving his worth many times over to Agan Rafa as a contracted guide and scout, he was given a full share as one of the Pronoxian Mercenaries.

He has earned renown as a skilled strategist and highly knowledgable survivalist, and the scope of his understanding of all facets of modern warfare and military intelligence have made him an indispensable part of the Pronoxian Mercenaries.

Angered by the state-endorsed hunting of his race, Rano was quick to suggest working for the Rebels once the Empire terminated their contract with the Pronoxians. He has a lot of respect for what Drakir Grebb is doing to help the Calma people, but he believes that staying with Rafa will put him in the best position to strike against the Empire, and so he has chosen to stay on as Rafa’s right-hand man.

Rano Melle

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