Young, not quite as angry Ornotin


Race: Ornotin
Home World: Xan, Orlog

Lieutenant for: Rayner Derban, does not enjoy the benefits of the position because she is not trusted by the Rebel High Command

XP: 295


Until recently, the first impression most people had of Siobhan was that she was far too young and too small to contain that much anger. Weighing in at just 90 lbs. and measuring only 4’11" tall, Siobhan might have been cute… in another life. In this one her mouth is set either in scowl or a contemptuous sneer and her green eyes often blaze with barely contained fury and malice. Her jet black hair is set in long spikes that sweep back along her head, pointing behind her. Upon first meeting her, you might not realize that she is one of the four armed Ornotins, since her clothes are usually tailored to hide the extra pair, something her thinness allows her to get away with.

If anyone were to make the mistake to underestimate this little ball of fury, however, it would most likely be their last. Siobhan is fast, and very skilled with the force swords that she wields. In addition, she seems to have the constitution of a rhinoceros and a determination that seems to keep her going when most others would have fallen. Some have wondered (to themselves) what she might become if she could overcome the demons of her past.

Until recently Siobhan was the adopted daughter of Redjac, the Senior Imperial Knight. According to the official story, Redjac adopted her when her family was slaughtered by the Rebels. She trained from a young age to become an Imperial Knight and avenge her family, but before she could complete her training, she discovered the truth… that it had been Redjac that had killed and tortured her family, falsely accusing them of being Rebels. Her passion for revenge transferred almost immediately to Redjac and the other Imperial Knights. Luckily, one glimmer of insight told her that to accomplish her revenge, she was going to need some help. She was able to sneak away during a training mission and defect to the Rebels.

Believing the rumors that he was the Masked Knight, Siobhan managed to convince Rayner Derban to sponsor her with the rebels mostly on the strength of her need for vengeance. She is known to be callous, sadistic and bloodthirsty and few (if any) in the Rebellion really trust her. Most believe she won’t live long enough to cause much damage anyway, save perhaps to the occasional Imperial Knight whose path she might cross. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t use her to further their goals on occasion, especially on the dirtier jobs.

Siobhan most often fights with two force swords as well as a force shield on one of her second pair of arms. Occasionally, she will use pistols, but she greatly prefers the up-close kill. Beyond her combat skills, she seems especially talented at intruding into the business of everyone around. Few locks, whether physical, electronic or software can keep her out if she’s determined to get in.

Since her time on Horon Siobhan is changing, however. The changes so far have been subtle, she is still reckless and impulsive, but gradually her willpower is increasing and she is learning to control her anger.


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