Province: 5
Star: Eudox
Environ Sizes: Urban 4 ( Segundans)
Resources: 9^
Notes: This planet is the most recent colony of the Segundans and is led by the colony’s founder, Tensok Phi

Atmosphere: None
Atmospheric Mass: None
Hydrographic Coverage: 0%
Climate Type: Frozen
World Size: 5% Standard
Gravity: 2% Standard
Mass: 1% Standard
Atmospheric Pressure: 0%
Government: A subsidiary of Imperial Deltonics
Control Rating: 4
Spaceport Class: 4

Major Moons: 0
Moonlets: 0

Aras is the largest icy planetoid in the middle of a mineral-rich asteroid belt far from the center of the solar system. The population and resources include all mining operations throughout the asteroid belt.

Secret: Imperial Deltronics Ltd.
The Empire’s spacecraft industry is centered on this planet and the latest in spacefaring technology is constantly being tested on and above the planet. Whenever a Rebel spaceship is undergoing detection on this planet, shift two columns to the right on the Detection Table, in
addition to any other shifts. Exception: The S-XIII Spaceship is not subject to this column shift. If the Rebel Player completes a Gather Information mission here (by drawing one Mission Letter in the Action Deck), he receives a spaceship. Separate the spaceships (except the S-XIII)
from the other possessions in the Possessions Deck and draw one at random. If there are no spaceships currently in the Possession Deck, or if the planet has been placed into Rebellion, this attribute is ignored.


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