Province: 3
Star: Aziza
Environ Sizes: Wild 4 ( Deaxins), Liquid 3 ( Suvans)
Resources: 5
Notes: None

Atmosphere: Nitrogen/Oxygen (low oxygen)
Atmospheric Mass: 90% of Standard
Hydrographic Coverage: 60%, lots of ocean with several large continents
Climate Type: Warm (80-100 Farenheit) in the temperate regions (add 20 degrees for the tropical region and subtract 20 degrees for the polar regions).
World Size: 86% Standard
Gravity: 95% Standard
Mass: 58% Standard
Atmospheric Pressure: 86% of Standard
Government: Clans
Tech Level: 8
Control Rating: 2
Spaceport Class: 2

Major Moons: 0
Moonlets: 0

Secret: Empire Forever
The entire population of this planet thinks the Empire is the best thing since sliced moon bread, and does not like hearing otherwise. When this Planet Secret is revealed, the Loyalty marker is immediately moved to the Patriotic space, if it is not there already. The Imperial Player may tax this planet, when eligible, at its full Resource value without incurring an unfavorable loyalty shift (he would have to reveal the secret to do so). On all Coup or Diplomacy missions the Rebel Player performs, the first appropriate Mission Letter that comes up in the Action Deck is ignored. The planet’s loyalty may not be shifted in the Rebel Player’s favor as a result of any Domino Effect initiated on another planet or by Galactic Events. If the planet is placed into Rebellion, it loses these attributes.


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